Are you a handyman?

We are always scouting for the best talent out there. Anderson Handyman is a community project that links handyman providers with clients that need their services. There are no monthly fees, no pay per lead service fees, and no gimmicks. How we operate is if you get the job from our introduction, you pay 3% of the total job cost or $10.00 whichever is greater. You can pick up one job or a hundred jobs, the cost never changes. We require that you "prove your ability" before referring you. This service is designed to help small owner/operators get on their feet while providing the community an affordable place to handle handyman jobs. Use the contact form below to learn how you can join this network. Unlike services like home advisor and bark, you do not pay per lead, you pay per job completed. You must live and/or work in the service area in order to be in our network. 

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