Anderson Handyman in Action- Check Out This Before and After! 3/21/2022

123-Year old home- Stairs Refurbished

Any homeowner in the historic district would tell you that every time you start a project on these old homes, there is always a surprise. That is why it is important to work with a handyman that is familiar with working on these old homes. Jessie from Blair's Delilition happens to also own one of these old homes and works with Rick on his home as they rehab a staircase that has over a century of paint, carpet glue, and everything else on them. They worked to bring the old wood back and resurfaced the imperfections out of it and painted it with Sherwin Williams Integrity Line paint. Rick seals them with Minwax Poly Acyllic to preserve the gloss and shine which will bring many years of use with minimal upkeep. Watch the video for the before and after pictures.

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