Check out these before and after pictures of budget-friendly handyman projects by Anderson Handyman

The homeowner said the dormer window was useless, and with 2 children at home, she needed to use every inch of space she has. Stumped on what to do, when we got to meet the family it became clear the kids loved reading and they also needed some shelving to make space in the closet. Jessie from Anderson Handyman nailed it perfectly with this project and converted the useless space into a kid-friendly oasis.

The total job costs $350.00- Time to complete the job- 6 hours.

Results- happy homeowner and happy kids.

These next pictures are from a homeowner that wanted to bring curb appeal to his property on a budget.

Rental house rehab project underway

This couple bought a rental house and with a short budget, they had to make it livable

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